godzvayne (godzvayne) wrote,


if he ever hurts her in any kind of way ill break his fucking neck and cut off his balls.

She'll always have a place here, whenever she needs me, ill be there for her...till the end of time

My love for her has not gotten weaker...only stronger in recent days...and no matter what, ill always love her and take care of her..forget about how she has treated me...i know she loves and cares about me...if she didnt she wouldnt be hurting so bad for what she is doing to me...but hey thats how it goes...i cant change it andi wont try...all i can do is show her that this is always a safe and positive place for her..whether we be together or not...

But some of the things i will miss the most will be waking up and seeing how she reacts when i kiss her and tell her goodbye in the mornings....or going to wal mart with her to get food...or just holding her and cuddling with her...or smacking her ass and watching it jiggle...

Hell ill miss everything about her...even her anger...which she has a lot of...

But this is now, not then...shes has a lot of growing up to do...and her mom, my mom, will...have all told me this...and that if she doesnt do a little growing up, then we wont be together ever again...and they were right...she may not see that...but she does have a lot of growing up to do...shes never had to really do anything on her own...and maybe this is the time for that...lifes not easy..its been hell since i was thrown to the wolves ten months ago...but hey, she needs to witness that for herself...and ill still be here to help her in any way i can....she is and will remain to be the biggest part of my life...without her i am nothing...and it sucks...but thats just the way that is too...

I love her more than anything...no person will change that...i found her and im not going to lose her...no matter the costs.
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